Natural Mask

Did you know? 
Our kitchen that we used every day for cooking and baking, 
there is a lot of beneficial ingredients for our skin? 
It can help our skin becomes more compact and beautiful, 
even skin lightening? 
Sisters that love cooking and baking, let us "hide" in our kitchen, 
use the most natural ingredients and the most natural way to make our skin more radiant and make ourself more confidence!

There are some useful notes for homemade mask below:

♥ Choose fresh materials.
In the process to produce natural mask, we need to use a lot of natural materials, such as cucumber, banana, lemon, etc. These natural materials will only play its effectiveness when it is fresh. So make sure the materials used fresh, and should never use the materials that already deterioration or decay.

♥ Do not indiscriminately use the light-sensitive materials.
In addition to ensure the material is fresh,  we must also pay attention to whether the materials have light-sensitive issue or not. Light-sensitive means some kind of materials will have some structural change occurs after exposure to sun, and Causing skin inflammation, skin allergies, skin darkening and other symptom. White radish, cucumber, celery, aloe vera, lemon, bergamot essential oil,Angelica, are all light-sensitive material containing. Therefore, the best time for using the light-sensitive materials is at night time, or apply a thin layer of honey on our skin before using any light-sensitive materials.

 Must use clean water.
Most of the mask making process, we need to add some certain amount of water.
We have to make sure water we use for making mask is clean, preferably filtered water, pure water or mineral water.

♥ Sensitive Test.
Some people will have an allergic reaction when use a mask made ​​of some materials, especially sensitive skin type. Therefore, we much do the sensitive test before using any of our homemade mask.

♥ Pre-production preparation.
In the production of mask, be sure to wash your hands. Prevent to bring the bacteria into the skin care products, it may cause a variety of skin problemsAt the same time, we must ensure that the material is clean, if some materials not cleaning properly, it may residues some pesticide or bacteria. Prepare some of the production tools and containers before you start making the mask,  but make sure they are been clean and disinfect carefully.

♥ Preservation.
Since the mask we produce in our kitchen never add any preservatives and antioxidants. So it is not long-term preservation. Therefore, only use very small amount of material in the production. The mask is best to use and finished it in one time, there are very few mask can be stored in the refrigerator for short-term.


♥ Fresh Milk + Flour Firming Mask ♥


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