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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Black sesame chiffon cake 黑芝麻戚风蛋糕

The flavor that I always love - Black Sesame.
I bought a pack of organic black sesame powder last Sunday, the main purpose is to made black sesame soy bean drink. It also can use in many different recipes.
Black Sesame not only taste so good but is also has a lot of good benefits to our body.

Here is the recipe i use to bake this black sesame chiffon cake.
Batter A:
Egg yolk 7pcs
Caster sugar 40gm
Water 100gm
Sunflower oil 70gm (it can be any cooking oil)
Sifted super soft flour120gm
Organic Black sesame powder 3tbsp

Batter B:
Egg white 7pcs
Caster sugar 90gm

1. Add the egg yolks into a clean and dry bowl, following with castor sugar, mix well with a balloon whisk.
2. Add in water and oil continue mixing with a balloon whisk.
3. Add in the sifted super soft flour, mix well.
4. Add in the black sesame powder, mix well.
5. Use another clean and dry bowl, pour in the egg white, use a hand mixer in high speed, mix until you can see many bubbles, add in the caster sugar for batter B. Beat until stiff.
6. Take 1/3 of Batter B, add into Batter A, mix well. After mix well, continue pour in the remaining batter B into batter A, mix well.
7. Pour the cake batter into a 8"inches chiffon mold.
8. Put into oven that already preheat to 160°, bake for 45 minutes or until it is completely cooked.
9. Take it out from the oven, upside down, set aside and let it cool completely.

蛋黄 7pcs
细砂糖 40gm
水 100gm
向日葵油 70gm (可以用任何食用油)
筛过的超软面粉120gm (可以普通面粉)
有机黑芝麻粉 3tbsp

蛋白 7pcs
细砂糖 90gm

1. 把蛋黄加入一个干净干透的盆里,接着加入细砂糖,用球状手握打蛋器拌均。
2. 加入水和油,继续用球状手握打蛋器拌均。
3. 加入筛过的面粉,搅拌均匀。
4. 加入黑芝麻粉,继续搅拌均匀。
5. 用另一个干净干透的盆,倒入蛋白,用电动打蛋器以高速拌打,拌打至你可以看见很多气泡,然后加入细砂糖,继续拌打至硬性发泡状态。
6. 取1/3的面糊B加到面糊A, 搅拌均匀。搅拌均之后。继续把剩余的面糊混合均匀。
7. 倒入一个八寸的戚风蛋糕模子。
8. 放入已经预热 160°度的烤箱里,烤大约45分钟。(或至熟透为止)
9. 从烤箱里取出熟透的蛋糕,倒扣,放置一旁直到完全冷却。