Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tomato Honey Natural Facial Mask

I was cleaning my fridge today, and just realized I have 3 ripe tomatoes that keep for quite a long time.
Since it is a little overripe, I think is better use it to make a facial mask instead of make cuisine.

We just need some other ingredients like honey and plain flour which very easy to get in our own kitchen, and all is natural and food ingredients.

Tomatoes are  rich in vitamin C, vitamin A , and it has cooled and astringent properties which are really great for our skin. It is also pretty good for overcoming oily skin and acne skin, can use to remove blackheads by eliminating oil on our skin. Besides to all the benefits above, Tomato also contains many antioxidants which help us to keep our skin looks young and stunning!
番茄含有非常丰富的维他命C, 维他命A, 同时它还对我们的肌肤有很好的镇静和收敛的效果。它对于解决油性皮肤及暗疮皮肤问题也有相当不错的效果,因为它的除油功效还可以用来出去黑头粉刺。除了以上这些好处之外,番茄也含有非常丰富的抗氧化剂可以帮助我们保持肌肤看起来年轻迷人!

For my personal experience,
After this natural mask, I feel my skin becomes smooth and the blackheads on my face is easy to remove, I can see blackheads are all " Floating " on the skin's surface!!! >.<
用过这个面膜之后,我感觉我的肌肤有比较湿润,同时黑头也变得很容易清除,我可以清楚地看到脸上的黑头粉刺好像都 “浮” 在肌肤表层了!!! >.<

Here we go, for how to make this simple and natural facial mask. :)
现在就开始看看如何制作这个简单的天然面膜。 :)

The recipe for this tomato honey natural facial mask is as below:-
1. A red , ripe tomato.
2. Two teaspoons of honey (prefer raw honey).
3. 5-7 teaspoon of plain flour.

1. 一个熟透的番茄。
2. 两茶匙的蜂蜜 (最好是野生的)。
3. 五至七汤匙的面粉。

1. Clean the ripe tomato.
2. Peel the ripe tomato, remove all the skin of the tomato.
3. Crush the tomato with a fork, add in the honey.
4. Add in the plain flour, mix well, until the mixture becomes a thick batter.

1. 清洗熟透的番茄。
2. 把番茄的表皮剥掉。
3. 用叉子掏烂番茄,加入蜜糖。
4. 加入面粉,用汤匙搅拌均匀,一点一点加入直到搅拌成浓缩的面糊。

Clean your face, wipe your face.
Start apply this natural mask on your face , also neck if possible.
Let it stay on your skin for about 15minutes, rinse with water.
Wipe your face and apply your toner and moisturizer.

For me, the best time to use this natural mask is bath time.
Which I can use all the mask mixture, after full filled my face, I will use the extra mask mixture on my neck, shoulder, or even my body or breast! haha~
因为我可以把整碗的面膜都用完,敷满了我的脸部肌肤之后,我可以用剩下的多余的面膜涂在我的颈项,肩膀,甚至全身的肌肤或者胸部肌肤! 哈哈~

PLS NOTE: people with sensitive skin, please do sensitivity tests.



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