Saturday, June 22, 2013

Banana Cake with Cheese Frosting (recipe & tutorial)

This is the cake I specially bake for my dearest daddy for 2013 father's day.
Belated happy father's day's cake.
Last Sunday I was too busy for some event, totally don't have a chance and free time to bake a father's day cake for my dear daddy. That is why I bake this cake today, want so much to bake a father's cake for my dearest daddy.

It is a banana cake coated with cream cheese frosting and spring with toasted almond.
The result turns out pretty well! I love it! Hope my daddy does love it too. :)
上个星期天我为了一些活动而非常忙碌,完全没有机会和时间为我爸爸烤一个父亲节蛋糕。 这是为什么我今天特地要烤这个蛋糕的原因,我真的很想很想要烤一个父亲节蛋糕给我亲爱的爸爸。
这个蛋糕的效果实在不错!我很爱它!希望我爸爸也会喜欢它。 :)

Butter (room temperature) 150gm
Caster sugar 140gm
Egg 3pcs
Ripe banana (mashed) 400gm
Vanilla Extract 1tsp
Double Action Baking Powder 2tsp
Baking soda 1tsp
Milk 50ml
Super fine flour 250gm (can replace with plain flour)

牛油 (室温软化) 150gm
细砂糖 140gm
鸡蛋 3粒
熟透的香蕉 (掏烂) 400gm
云妮拉香精 1tsp
双倍发粉 2tsp
苏打粉 1tsp
牛奶 50ml
超幼面粉 250gm (也可以普通面粉取代) 

Preheat Oven 170℃.
预热烤箱 170℃。

1. Beat the butter and sugar together.
2. Beat until fluffy and creamy. It changed to light color.
3. Add in eggs one by one, mix well.
4. Mashed the ripe banana with a fork.
5. Add in the vanilla extract and mashed banana into the cake mixture. Mix well.
6. Add in the baking powder and baking soda. Mix well.

1. 把牛油和糖放入盆钵中拌打。
2. 拌打直蓬松和乳脂状。颜色也变浅。
3. 加入鸡蛋,一个一个地加入,拌均。
4. 用叉子掏烂熟透的香蕉。
5. 把云妮拉香精和掏烂的香蕉加入牛油面糊里,拌均。
6. 在面糊里继续加入发粉和苏打粉,拌均。

7. Add in flour. (Sifted)
8. Mix well the flour and butter mixture.
9. Add in milk, mix well.
10. Pour into a 8"inch lined cake tin.
11. Bake for about 1hour 20min. Or until a bamboo stick insert to the center of the cake comes out clean. 

Time is depending on every different oven, please check and adjust by yourself.
Just to make sure that the cake is completely cooked, remove from oven, un-mold, leave it on a wire rack to cool.

7. 加入超幼面粉。 (过筛)
8. 把面粉和面糊拌均。
9. 加入牛奶,拌均。
10. 把蛋糕面糊倒入一个8寸铺了烘焙纸的烤模。
11. 烤大约 1小时20分中。或者直到以竹签插入蛋糕中心出来时干净。


Cream Chee Frosting recipe please check the link below:

~ Happy Baking ~


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