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Monday, November 5, 2012

♥ Kiwi Chocolate Lollipop ♥

出来的成品看起来非常甜美~ 吃起来更是带来美好心情。

A very simple desserts,
Not only the methods is easy but the ingredients is also easy to get.
It is really pretty ~ i am sure it will brighten your day~!  


准备冰淇淋木棒 (可以在烘焙材料店或者Mr. DIY购得) 和新鲜的 KIWI.
Prepare some wooden stick for ice-cream (it is available in ingredients shops or Mr.DIY) & fresh Kiwi.
Sliced kiwi into a thick slice, wash it, insert the wooden ice-cream stick into the sliced kiwi, drain it, let it dry up on a clean towel or kitchen use paper towels.

把一片 cooking chocolate (依照你所需要覆盖的奇异果分量而决定)切碎然后放进一个完全干净没有任何水分的小碗里。
Chopped a bar of cooking chocolate (depends on how many sliced kiwi you need to cover), put it into a clean and DRY bowl.
*** ( REMEMBER! Chocolate cannot mix with water even a little drop of water will destroy all the chocolate, the chocolate mix with water will never melt! )
Put the dry bowl with chocolate inside into a bigger bowl, pour some hot water into the bigger bowl, so that the temperature of the hot water will melt the chocolate.

就是这样~ 很简单~
When the chocolate completely melted, make sure the kiwi with wooden stick is dried.
Take the stick with kiwi on it, coat the chocolate, make sure the chocolate is complete covered the whole surface of sliced kiwi.
Don't remove it immediately, but, put it on top of the bowl, let the extra chocolate dripping back to the chocolate bowl.
Put the sliced kiwi that covered by chocolate into a cup of cool water, the chocolate will curd immediately。
Just this few steps, it done!

Let's try to make this pretty desserts at home, you can share with your family and friends!

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