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Boobs Cake Tutorial

Boobs Cake Tutorial

Tools needed:
( Rotating Cake stand , Plastic Paper, Half round ball shape mould )

( 旋转蛋糕台,槊料纸张,半圆球型模具 )

1. 烤两个半圆形的蛋糕,市面上有售卖这款半圆形的模子,可以在第一张小图里看到,二十多块钱马币左右买得到。
1. Bake 2 half round shape of cake, this mould is available in market, you can see the mould in the 1st picture, the price is around MYR25 ++ .

2. 万一烤出来,两粒半圆形有差距的话,就用刀子,切掉一点点底部,尽量把两个半圆形削成平衡的高低和大小。
2. In case the cake is in different height,just trim the base of the cake, do your best to make both of them in same height and size.

3. 用刀子,把半圆形切开成3片,备用。
3. Use a knife, cut them in 3 pcs, set a side.

4. 取一小份鲜奶油,加入你想要的颜色或者味道。(这个蛋糕我家加了咖啡味 ) 调均匀。
4. Take a little amount of fresh cream, add in the color and flavor that you prefer. (I use coffee paste for this cake)

5. 把鲜奶油平抹在切片的蛋糕上,然后摆上你喜欢的水果或者其他馅料。(这个蛋糕我用了花生碎粒)
5. Spread the fresh cream on the sliced cake, put some filling or fruits that you like on top of the fresh cream. ( I use peanut crumbs for this cake)

6. 在第二片蛋糕的底部涂上一薄薄一层鲜奶油,再把它盖在之前已经涂好奶油和馅料的蛋糕上,轻轻压一压,让两片蛋糕能够黏合。
6. Spread a thin layer of fresh cream at the base of second sliced cake, covered it on the 1st sliced cake, give them a press from top of the cake, to makes them stick together.

7. 重复这个方法和步骤,直到两个半圆形都完成。
7. Repeat this steps, until both of the half round shape cake done.

8. 取一小部分鲜奶油,加入你想要的颜色,如果要普通的肤色的话,就加一小滴的橙色食用色素,记得不能加太多哦,否则不能呈现浅肤色哦!
8. Take a little amount of fresh cream, add in the color that you want, if you need a normal skin color, just add a small drop of ORANGE food coloring, remember!!! Just a little drop, if too much, it won't turn out like skin color!

9. 尽量把肤色鲜奶油涂抹和盖满两个半圆形。
9. Do your best to covered the cake with skin color fresh cream.

10. 准备这张 透明的塑料纸, 书局里就能买到,大约只需要 马币 MYR0.30 而已哦!是超便宜又容易买到还非常实用的工具哦!
10. Prepare a pcs of PLASTIC PAPER, you can find it in any stationary shop, the price is around MYR0.30 only!!! Is is a cheap and easy to get and useful tools!!!

11. 把塑料纸用手拗着,呈现弓形,摆放在涂抹了肤色鲜奶油的半圆形边,另一只手转动底部的蛋糕旋转台,大约转个 2 到 3 圈,就可以得到圆圆又滑滑 的蛋糕表面了哦!(这个是鱼自己的小小经济又实惠的工具和方式哦~)
11. Hold the plastic papper, bend it, put it near to the side of the cake, use another hand to move the rotating cake stand, just 2 to 3 turns, you will have a round and smooth round cake surface!
(This is my own little tips, it is cheap and useful tools and method~) 

12. 把涂抹蛋糕的抹刀和切蛋糕的长刀,左右夹攻式地切进去蛋糕底部,让抹好的蛋糕和原来的蛋糕板分开,掌握好重心重量,把整个半圆形蛋糕用两只长抹刀捧起来,移到大的蛋糕板上,再重复另一粒,把两粒涂抹好的半圆形蛋糕摆放在同一个大蛋糕板上,排在一起,巨乳的基本形状和设计就形成了!
12. Use two long spatula, one from right hand side and another one from left hand side, cut at the bottom of the cake, cut to the middle of the cake, to remove the cake from the cake board, try to find out the gravity of the cake, holding up the cake with two long spatula, move it to a large cake board, repeat the same steps to another cake, place to cake on a same large cake board, put both of them near to each other, The basic shape of boobs cake FORMED! 

13. 这个巨乳基本形状搞定了之后,就是最好玩的时候了哦!
13. When the basic shape of boobs cake formed, is the most interesting moment!!!

14. 大家可以变身成为 [性感内衣设计师] ! 发挥个人的创意和想象力! 为巨乳”穿“ 上你喜欢的性感内衣咯!
14. We can transfiguration to becomes a [ Sexy Lingerie Designer ]! Play to the individual creativity and imagination ! Help your Boobs Cake to "wear" on your favorite sexy lingerie !!!
( I used white color - my favorite color on this cake design, a very innocent sexy lace design, it is a perspective of white lace sexy lingerie! ) 

Just this few steps!
The Boobs Cake Formed !!!!!

Wish those who 1st trial on this design, SUCCESS !!!

Happy Baking~


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