Wednesday, August 1, 2012

White Chocolate Tart (recipe)

To prepare the chocolate tart pastry dough, 
Please refer to this recipe:

Below is recipe for the white chocolate filling
  1. 180g white chocolate
  2. 140g fresh cream (dairy)
  3. 2tsp gelatine
1. Cut the white chocolate into thin slice. Put the gelatine in a small bowl add in a little bit of cool water and set a-side.

2. Put the chocolate into a bowl.

3. Prepare two big bowl of water, one is hot water (just hot water not boiling water), another one is cool water. First, put the bowl with chocolate into the hot water... stir the chocolate when it start melting. after awhile, change the bowl to cool water and keep stiring, then change to hot water again,...

4. Continue this steps until your white chocolate is melted.

NOTE: White chocolate is not easy to melt if the tempurature is too high.

5. Heat the fresh cream.

6. Add in the gelatine to the fresh cream, stir to make sure the gelatine is melted into the fresh cream.

7. Remove the fresh cream from heat when it is start boiling.

8. Pour the hot fresh cream into the melted white chocolate.

9. Stiring slowly to mix the fresh cream with the melted white chocolate.

10. Make sure the chocolate and fresh cream mixture is mixed well.

11. Pour the mixture into the chocolate tart.

12. Keep in the fridge for around 4 hours to let the mixture set.


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