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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hello Kitty Macaron recipe & tutorial 凯蒂猫马卡龙食谱&制作图解

Hello Kitty Macaron, 
不知道怎么了,最近的作品都围着Hello Kitty转,
甚至有朋友问我是不是Hello Kitty的超级粉丝?哈哈。
Hello Kitty Macaron,
I don't know why, my latest creation always is in Hello Kitty theme,
some friend ask me whether i am Hello Kitty Super Fan or not? Hahaha... 

In order to cater to the needs of color, this macaron i choose strawberry flavor.
I used Strawberry Oil & Strawberry Butter Cream.
Luckily, I am fairly satisfied the effect of this recipe and creation.

以下就是制作 Hello Kitty Macaron 的材料:
The ingredients for Hello Kitty Macaron is as below:

50g 冷蛋白 (最好前一晚上就放进雪柜里冷冻,备用)
55g 杏仁粉
80g 糖粉
20g 细砂糖
2g   塔塔粉

50g egg white (cold, keep in fridge a night before)
55g almond ground
80g icing sugar
20g castor sugar
2g cream of tartar
few drops of white food coloring
few drops of strawberry oil

1. 在硬纸卡上画出Hello Kitty的影子,剪下来,转印在一张白纸上。
1. draw the hello kitty shadow on a cardboard, cut it out, transfer the shadow on a pcs of white paper.

2. 把杏仁粉放进烤箱,以100℃烤大约15分钟。(消除湿度和水分), 放凉。
2. Bake the almond ground with 100 ℃ for about 15 minutes. ( to remove the moisture & oil),leave it cold.

3.Blend the almond ground and icing sugar, blend and make it becomes like flour.

4. 筛过搅碎的杏仁糖粉。
4. Sift the mixture of almond ground and icing sugar after blend.

5. 准备一个干净的盆钵,要确保没有水分和油分,然后把冰冷的蛋白倒入,开始以高速拌打。
5. prepare a dry and clean bowl, make sure there are no water or oil inside the bowl, pour the cold egg white inside , start beat under high speed.

6. 当蛋白形成细小泡沫的时候,加入塔塔粉,继续高速拌打。
6. When the cold egg whites becomes many tiny bubbles, add in cream of tartar, continue beat under high speed.

7. 加入细砂糖。拌打至很浓稠很挺。
7. add in the castor sugar. beat until very firm.

8. 把筛好的杏仁粉+糖粉加入打好的蛋白里,加入几滴草莓油和白色食用色素。拌均。
8. Add in the sifted almond ground+icing sugar into the ready beat egg white, add few drops of strawberry oil and white food coloring. Mix well.

9. 装进挤花袋里,在刚才准备好的Hello Kitty影子白纸上铺上一层油纸,把马卡龙面糊挤在影子里面,尽量不要让它散出影子以外。
9. Put the mixture into a piping bag, put the hello kitty shadow that we draw before on a plate and put a pcs of oil paper on top, pipe the macaron mixture on the oil paper, try your best to not let the mixture stay out side of the shadow.

10. 放在一旁,等待 1小时。(也许更久,直到表面结一层皮,触摸时不粘手)
10. Set aside, leave it for 1hour. (or maybe more than 1hour, until the surface dried, touch the surface not stick on your finger)

11. 预热烤箱 200℃,把表皮已经干燥结皮的马卡龙放进烤炉,关上烤箱门,马上把热度调整至 150℃ 烤大约 6-8分钟,这个时候裙边就会开始出现。裙边出现之后再把热度调整到120℃继续烤15分钟。出炉,放在架子上冷却,从烘焙纸上移下。
11. Preheat oven to 200℃, put the macaron into the oven, close the oven's door, change the heat to 150℃ for 6-8minutes, then turn the heat to 120℃ continue bake for about 15minutes. Remove from oven, leave on the rack to cold, remove from the baking paper. ( every oven are different, please stay and check the macaron during the baking, you might be need different heat and times. )

12. 挤上草莓牛油霜作为这个马卡龙的内陷。
12. Pipe the strawberry butter cream to be the filling of this macaron.

13. 用皇家糖霜,把Hello Kitty的蝴蝶结和五官画上,完成!
13. Draw the ribbon and face of Hello Kitty by Royal icing, DONE!

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  1. 你真的很有心思,把这甜品弄得这么漂亮可爱。

  2. 我想问,为什么我照着你的方法,仍然没有裙边?好难过哦。。。做了三次都失败。。。