Tuesday, July 10, 2012

♥ Strawberry Wine Pudding ♥ (recipe)

There were strawberry discount yesterday in tesco near to my house.
I bought three boxes of strawberries, i decided to make wine pudding with this strawberries.

1. wash the strawberries, leave it dry.
2. put 15gm of gelatin into a bowl, add in a little bit water, set a-side.
3. double boil the gelatine until completely melted.
4. 1 1/4 cup of white wine ( any brand or type of white wine, as long as you like the tatse of that wine)
5. pour the melted gelatine into the white wine, mix well.
6. add in some brown sugar ( melt the brown sugar becomes syrup), i put 2 tbsp.(depends on you, can be reduced)
7. put the strawberries into the mold.
8. pour in the white wine with gelatine mixture.
9. keep into fridge , over night.
10. Take the pudding out, decorate with fresh strawberries and chocolate.

Just few simple steps,
you can make a very classic and cute desserts for yourself and your love one. 

~ Wish you happy baking ~
Enjoy the moment in kitchen


  1. 哇!很赞的一道甜品。

    1. 你好哦~ 亲爱的 Angie,