Tuesday, February 14, 2012

♥ How to make chocolate ganache ♥

Chocolate ganache is the simplest cake topping.
Rich, dark, and melt-in-mouth!
The most important thing is, it is really easy to make.

What we need for making chocolate ganache is
100g of finely chopped dark chocolate
80ml of thickened cream (dairy whipping cream).
10g of butter

Put the finely chopped chocolate and butter into a heatproof bowl.
Heat the thickened cream until almost boiling.
Pour the double cream over the chocolate in the heatproof bowl.
Set a side, leave it for 5minutes.
Stir until smooth.

We can use the chocolate ganache immediately if we want to pour it over the cake's surface for a glossy finish, or we can wait until it completely cooled then it will becomes thicken, if you want to use for spreading.