Monday, January 2, 2012

♥ Japanese Dumpling - Gyoza 日式饺子 ♥

This is one of my favorite food - GYOZA. Gyoza is the name in japanese language, it means dumpling.
Very easy to make, and very delicious. You can cook in many different way, example: fried dumpling, steam dumpling, dumpling soup and other.

Usually, i will make more and keep in the refrigerator freezer, it can keep for about 1 week. Just take it out from freezer and unfreeze it when you want to cook. 

The ingredients that we need to make Japanese Gyoza is only cabbage(chopped), garlic(chopped), chives(chopped), some pork or chicken( minced) and dumpling skin. For seasoning, we need some sesame seeds oil, white pepper and soybeans sauce.

Use a big bowl or pan, mix all the chopped ingredients together and add in the seasoning, then mixed well. Take a piece of dumpling skin, put a little bit of dumpling paste that we make with all the ingredients, start stick all the periphery of dumpling skin together, make sure it is closely bonded together.

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