Thursday, December 15, 2011

♥ Violin Fondant Cake 小提琴翻糖蛋糕 ♥

My lovely sister's birthday is on 16th Dec.
I decide to bake this violin fondant cake for her.
Hope this 3D violin can surprise her on her birthday!

The reason that i choose this theme for her cake is because she is studying music in university now, and her major is violin. I guess she will love this fondant 3D violin cake!
That is dark chocolate butter cake and chocolate ganache inside the fondant. I hope my sister and her course-mate will like this flavor. 

For me, this is really a big project for me! I treat this cake as my 2011's Big Project!!!
I spend so long time to think about how can i make a violin cake in real size and i want to make it looks like a real violin. ^_^ i work very hard on this special cake!
But, finally it turns out not like what i am imagined. It just looks 45% same to the real violin...
I need to do more practice to make it prefect !

To create this violin,
I make all the parts few days before.I create the tailpiece, chinrest, bridge, neck, fingerboard, scroll and pegbox few days before and leave it there to let it dry and set. It has to be dry and set before use to decorate the cake.
I start bake the chocolate one day before my sister's birthday. Covered the cake with fondant icing, then start paint with food coloring to make some wood pattern on it. Following by stick on all the violin parts that i have created few days before.
The last step is to add the violin strings on the cake!!!!

Below is some video about this violin cake, and also have some steps by steps picture.

[Some pictures and video about this violin cake]

[Steps by Steps photos about this violin cake]


  1. 鱼鱼,你好利害做到那么美有像哦你妹妹有学小提琴,祝你妹妹天天开心,身体健康。

    1. 谢谢你的祝福啊~ Ah Loy, 我的妹妹大学音乐系主修小提琴的。

  2. 鱼鱼,我多想成为你的姐姐啊!你的作品真的很美!祝福你妹妹生日快乐!

    1. 我叫你姐姐,你就认了我这个妹妹吧!
      我家里排行最大,没有姐姐哥哥。 ^_^