Wednesday, November 9, 2011

♥ My 1st night in Macau during Oct 2011 trip ♥

Here is the view from Lauren's House ~

My flight delayed for more than one hour!!!!!!
It caused me late arrived in Macau International Airport!!!!! All the money changer and shops was closed when i am arrived in Macau Airport, i do not have any MOP with me. I need some MOP to take a bus to the down town, Lauren was waiting me there!

I asked for help at the information counter, that girl told me the market at 1st floor still open, i can buy something from the shop and ask her to change the rest money to MOP. Finally, i have MOP and took a bus to down town, luckily Lauren still waiting for me there. She brings me to her lovely home, they are 3 lovely girls living together in one apartment.

That was my 1st night in Macau during this trip.

Thank you very much my dear Lauren for waiting me so long at the street, and gave me a warm and lovely place for a night before i going to ZhuHai, China.

I hope to meet her again,
Lauren! Visit me at Malaysia!
I am waiting for you and friends!~ 

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