Tuesday, October 4, 2011

♥ Dark Chocolate Lollipop Cake ♥

Today i thought..... 
i want to make some delicious and pretty and lovely cake. 

Thinking for quite long time, 
finally i decided to make some LOLLIPOP CAKE. 
It is small and cute! Very delicious and easy to eat! 
Also very good for serve in some party or any occasion. 

How to make this? 
It is make by chocolate sponge cake with chocolate ganache and coat by dark chocolate,  
the polka dot on the surface of lollipop cake is draw by white chocolate. 
And we need some lollipop stick. 

Actually you can make with any kind of cake. 
Any flavor of cake and match with any flavor of chocolate. 
Just crumble the cake, and make it become small balls. 
Insert the lollipop stick into each balls, and coat it with melted chocolate.
Add the ribbon on it!!!
And add the design or painting on the surface. 

Hope you will love this small and cute lollipop cake! 
Wish you have a great day!!!!

Recipe and Method in the video:

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  1. Hi Fish and greetings from California! Wow! What a cool blog. You are more than a baker, you are an artist of food. I love the cupcake lollipops. We Ate some like these at Starbucks. But yours have dark chocolate and that makes them even better. Very yummy! Your blog has a warm feeling to it with your personal writing style. I will be back to read and enjoy more.
    I write a blog about food and my musings on life love. Please stop by. Visit. Maybe follow. That would be awesome.