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Monday, October 3, 2011

♥ Bouquet Cup Cakes (pink theme) ♥

This is Vanilla Flavor Cup cakes with Strawberry Flavor Butter Cream.
Order by Miss Lim for her friend's birthday.

Miss Lim request to make it in Pink theme and vegetarian cake because now is during some chinese religion festival and some people will be vegetarian for 9 days. The birthday queen also be vegetarian during this 9 days.
So, i bake some cup cakes without eggs, 
and make some strawberry butter cream to decorate the cup cakes.

Hope Miss Lim's friend will LOVE this pink cup cake bouquet that specially bake for her.
wish HER happy birthday and may all her dream come true!!!!

Thank you very much to Miss Lim.
For gave me this chance to bake a special cup cake bouquet for her friend.


  1. 小鱼。。。Fion到此踩场了。。。嘻嘻嘻^^

  2. 看到你的粉红让我有点受不了~
    真的好漂亮~~ ^_^

  3. 枫,谢谢你来看鱼鱼哦~