Friday, September 30, 2011

♥ Japanese Light Cheese Cake ♥ (recipe)

I bake this Japanese Light Cheese Cake yesterday night!
I have no idea how to decorate this cheesecake, BUT! I know that I DON'T WANT something ordinary. 
I spend a whole night to think about "how to decorate it" !!!!
I bought the peach in can, orange in can.... I prepared icing sugar for sifting use..... ~

This morning, when I want to start decorate it,
my brain still empty, no idea at all, the idea in my mind is all the peach, orange, icing sugar...... :( 
I AM SURE! I don't want an ordinary cake.
I keep look at it.... ... ... ... ... keep my eyes on it...
The cheesecake seems like have eyes and mouth! It is smiling!!!!!!!
Oh my GOD!!! I saw it SMILE!
The idea comes into my mind, and I just melted some dark chocolate...
and gave it a cute SMILING FACE!

Life is unpredictable,
and also the result is always unpredictable!!!!
It is surprisingly GOOD! (for me) ;p

ITS SMILE really BRIGHTEN my Day!!!!!!
Yeah, ~~~~

I hope it also can make you SMILE!
Have a nice day~! GOOD LUCK!

日式轻芝士蛋糕 (食谱)

250gm Cream Cheese
250gm 奶油起司
50gm Butter
50gm 牛油        
100ml milk
100ml 牛奶 

60gm Super Fine Flour
60gm 超幼细面粉
20gm CornFlour
20gm 玉蜀黍粉
6pcs Egg yolks
6pcs 蛋黄
1tbsp lemon Juice
1tbsp 柠檬汁
1/4 tsp Salt
1/4 tsp 盐

6pcs Egg Whites
6pcs 蛋白
120gm Castor Sugar
120gm 砂糖
1/4 tsp Cream of Tartar
1/4 tsp 塔塔粉

1. Put the cream cheese into a bowl, pour the fresh milk into the same bowl, soak it for 30minutes.
1. 将奶油芝士切片放进一个碗里,倒入牛奶,让牛奶和奶油芝士浸泡30分钟。

2. Double Boil the Cream cheese + milk with butter, mixed well, until melted.
2. 煮一锅热水,把装着奶油芝士和牛奶的碗放在煮水的锅上热一热,加入牛油,搅拌,直到材料完全溶解。

3. Set a side, leave it to cooled.
3. 搁置一旁,等待它变凉。

4. Fold in the flour + lemon juice +egg yolks + salt and mix it well.
4. 倒入超幼细面粉+柠檬汁+蛋黄+ 盐,搅拌均匀。

5. Whisk the egg whites with Cream of Tartar in a clean and dry bowl, until it becomes foamy.
5. 将蛋白和塔塔粉放进一个干净和干透的盆钵里打发,直到大量起泡。

6. Add in the Sugar, continue whisk it until become soft peaks form.
6. 加入砂糖, 继续拌打直到打发,取起有尖尖的角不掉落。

7. Prepare a 8"inches or 9"inches cake tin. Cover the can tin's bottom and sides with grease-proof paper. Mixed the cream cheese mixture and peaks egg white together with a spatula(dun use machine), stir slowly and lightly, don't stir fast. Pour the mixture into the can tin that covered by grease-proof paper.
7. 准备一个8寸或者9寸的蛋糕模。在蛋糕模的底部和边缘都铺上烘焙纸。用抹刀手动式把奶油芝士面糊和打发的蛋白混合在一起(千万不要用搅拌器),缓缓地轻轻地搅拌,不要快速搅拌哦。倒入已经铺好烘焙纸的蛋糕模里。

8. Put it into the oven and bake it in [ water bath bake ] at 160 ℃ about 1hour20minutes. ( or until it is set and become golden brown in colour.)
8. 把装了蛋糕面糊的蛋糕模放在烤箱里(水浴法),以 160 ℃  烤 1小时20分钟。(直到蛋糕完整熟透,表面呈现金黄色)

9. After Done, take it out from the oven. Set aside to leave it completely cooled.
9. 当蛋糕烤好,把它取出。放置一旁,待蛋糕慢慢凉下来。

10. Please do not try to take it out from the cake tin when it is still hot. This will only destroy your pretty cheesecake.
10. 当蛋糕还热的时候请不要急着把蛋糕从蛋糕模里取出来,这将会毁坏了你的美丽的蛋糕。

11. When you make sure it is cooled. Take it out and put on a cake plate, keep it in the fridge.
11. 当你确定蛋糕冷下来了。取出放在蛋糕盘上,收进雪柜。

12. You can do any decorate on the cake's surface if you like to! It can decorate with fresh fruit or fruit in the can, or icing sugar sift on it, chocolate or anything in your mind.
12. 你可以在蛋糕的表面做任何你喜欢的装饰! 它可以是新鲜水果或者罐头水果,又或者糖粉筛出花式,巧克力,或者任何你喜欢的点子。

You can try bake a small size of light cheesecake,
Just use half of the ingredients, and change to 6"inches mould.

Happy Baking~!
This Photo by Evonne Beh(my dear friend)


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  2. Hi Fish
    Can i know what type of flour you mean by 60gm Flour?

    1. Dear Anonymous, :p
      You can use plain flour / super fine flour / super soft flour.

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    1. 你好哦 ~


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  5. hi fish so glad to have such a nice person as u to share n teach us so much ,may i know ur ingredient quantity is can fix in 8'' plate?cause the quantity of the ingredient seem like not much,by the way i had follow ur tutorial to do chocolate almond cookies ,its really nice thanks a lot ya~^^

    1. Hi,
      Thank you very much for giving my recipe and tutorial a try.
      Yes, this version of Japanese Cheese Cake can fit 8"inches round shape cake tin.

      Happy Baking~ <3

  6. 如果没有放塔塔粉的话可以吗?会影响到什么吗?