Monday, September 26, 2011

♥ Ice-cream con design cup cakes ♥

This is not a real ice-cream, it is cake.
A cup cake in ice-cream con design, i bet kids sure will love this, hahhaha~~~  ^.^

This is chocolate flavor inside, and fresh cream on top.
You can put any small decorate on top of the cup cakes.
It can be chocolate... sugar... nuts... and many more.... :)

This is order by a pretty mom Cherly, for her cutie son Survyn's 1st birthday party!
Her son is really same face with her husband !!!! hhahaha~~~

I wanna wish Survyn Happy Birthday!!!!!
and Cherly and her family always happy and lucky~!!!!!

The cup cakes is one set with another main cake in milk bottle shape.
A big Milk bottle shape fondant cake on top and follow with 30pcs of this ice-cream design cup cakes.

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