Friday, September 16, 2011

♥ i Pad 2 Fodant Cake ♥

Finally!!!!!!!! The cake done!!!!!
This i Pad 2 is order by dear Jessie, for 韩润乐's Birthday.

It is raisins + poppy seeds vanilla butter cake inside the fondant icing.
I personally love this flavor of cake very much!
Hope Jessie and 韩润乐 and their family members will like it ♥

This cake took me whole day to make it.
But, it is worth!
Really happy when it completed!!!
That feeling is great .... full filled by sense of accomplishment & satisfaction!!!!!

Thank you very much my dear Jessie to give me this chance to make this special cake for her and family!

Wish 韩润乐 Happy Birthday and may all the dream come true.
Also wish Jessie and Family all the best!!!!!!

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