Monday, September 26, 2011

♥ Basic Sushi Vinegar (recipe) ♥

How to make a bottle of very classic and basic vinegar for make sushi?
It is really simple.

What we need is Vinegar, Sugar and Salt.

Put 1200ml of Japanese vinegar into a bowl, 
cook it with 500gm of sugar
when the sugar melted, 
add in 3 tbsp of salt.
Flame and set a side, when it completely cooled, keep into a clean and dry bottle, and put it into refrigerator!

With only these simple steps,
You can cook a very traditional sushi vinegar at home.
It can keep in refrigerator for long time, just cook some sushi rice when you want to make sushi, then pour in some sushi vinegar and mix well.

Happy Cooking ~!

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