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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

♥Strawberry Painting Swiss-roll 草莓手工彩绘蛋糕卷♥

OH MY GOD!!!!!!! This is really a MAGIC!!!!
I feel soooooooo warm and full of happiness when this swiss-roll done!!!!!!!
BAKING is a cool MAGIC!!!!!!! god....
MY LOVELY Strawberry Swiss-roll!!!!! 
I am very very very excited !!!!!!!!

6 egg yolks
20 gram castor sugar

60 ml milk
45 ml cooking oil or melted butter

15 gram corn flour
100 gram plain flour

6  pcs egg white
70 gram castor sugar
1/4 tsp cream of tarta

1/2 egg white
15gm castor sugar

I am very sorry!!!!
I lost the rest of the steps photos.....!!!!!!!
my laptop BEEN STOLEN by a stupid shit thief !!!!!!!

will take new steps photos when i bake again this swiss-roll!!!
SAD!!!!!!!!!!+ ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

STEP  8:  (sorry, lost 1 photo)

Whisk D in a clean and dry bowl. Whisk under high speed!
Until peak and fluffy.
Mix in (A+B+C)Mixture to D mixture.
Stir slowly until mixed well.


  1. Hi fish lee, I love your recipes. Sorry to hear that your laptop have been stolen :(
    I am looking forward to see the next steps :)

    Jiayou :D


  2. thanks for sharing ur tech. What's a piece of art you created... Sorry to hear some1 stole ur laptop..