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Friday, August 26, 2011

♥ Japanese Cucumber Eggs Salad 日本黄瓜鸡蛋沙拉 ♥ (with Recipe)

Crab stick(chopped) or Crab meat   150gm
Japanese Cucumber  2pcs
Salted Egg Yolk  1pcs
Deep Fried Chopped Garlic  2 tbspn
Egg white   2pcs
Chicken Stock powder  (½ tsp)


1.    1. Japanese cucumber cut into section, then divide into half, remove the center part, dish out and keep a side.
2.    2. Salted egg yolk steam till cook, then frozen for a while, then chopped. Combine with fried garlic, put a side.
3.    3. Combine crab meat, egg white and chicken stock powder and stir till well mixed. Saute the mixture till cooked.
4.    4. Put crab meat mixture into the center of the Japanese Cucumber, then sprinkle with salted egg yolk and fried garlic mixture.

♥The Japanese Cucumber Salad done...
It is very simple, special and delicious.
You should try this!!!!!