Wednesday, August 3, 2011

♥ Fresh Milk + Flour Firming Mask ♥

This is ♥ Fresh Milk + Flour Firming Mask ♥ with good effect to remove freckles and firming skin. Not only this, it also helps our skin to become more clean, moist and whitening.

The FLOUR that we always use for bake cake, bread or make other foods, actually can help for firming skin.
The MILK that we always drink, can help to hydrate our skin, make our skin become more moist and whitening..

If we use this mask for a long-term,
Our skin will be more firmer and whitening by sure.
How to make this natural mask in your kitchen?
For making a ♥ Fresh Milk + Flour Firming Mask ♥
We need very simple ingredients as below. 

1. 2 tbsp plain flour
2. small amount of fresh milk (cold) 

1. Put 2 tbsp plain flour into a clean bowl.
2. Pour in the cold fresh milk slowly, keep stirring when you pour in the milk.
3. Until it becomes a sticky paste.

How to use:
1. Clean your face, apply the paste of fresh milk + flour on your clean face, avoid the eyes and lip areas.
2. Rinse with clean water after 20 minutes.

♥ SUITABLE for Normal Skin Type.

There are some useful notes for homemade mask below:


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