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Friday, August 12, 2011

♥ Chocolate Moist Cake ♥

Finally, my chocolate moist cake was done!
I reduced the quantity of sugar and replace the cocoa powder with dark chocolate, to make it become not very sweet taste.

I am a chocolate lover.
I love chocolate indeed!!!! 
I love the chocolate flavor for any food.

Did you know?
Chocolate can give us a romantic and happiness mood.
Not only this,
Chocolate is also one kind of [Antioxidant]! 

Especially dark chocolate.
Because the cocoa powder that used to produce chocolate contains some bitter substances called "Flavanols". [Flavanols] is an excellent antioxidant, with the prevention of heart disease and cancer. 

Its antioxidant effects is 3 times for milk chocolate and 4 times for black tea. 
The darker chocolate the more anti-oxidant ingredients contained. But it will be more bitter for more dark chocolate.

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