Friday, July 1, 2011

RECIPE ♥ Yam Flavor Swiss-roll ♥

This is YAM swiss-roll.
Yam flavor cake and yam flavor fresh cream to make it become a YUM flavor swiss roll.

egg yolk 5
egg 3
icing sugar 80gm
emulsifier 1/2 spoon
self-raising flour 40gm
Corn flour 15gm
Castad powder 10gm
full cream milk powder 10gm
Melted Butter 120gm

1. whisk (a) until frothy.
2. add in (b), sifted.
3. add in (c) slowly.
and bake with 200c /15minutes.

* Not only YAM flavor, You can add in any flavor that you like. ^^


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