Thursday, June 9, 2011

♥ Bangkok Floating Market ♥

Here is Bangkok Floating Market.

This is the place we start get into the boat.
It cost us 400bath each person.

we start our journey at Bangkok floating market.
5 persons in one boat,
4 of us and 1 sculler.
This is my first time visit floating market.

Some views in Bangkok Floating Market

There are many people selling different stuff along the river.
Have bags, clothes, hats, foods, fruits and many others.
hahaha... we bought some banana...
this kind of banana very tasty.
and THIS !!!!
My Favorite!!!!!
MANGO with sticky rice!!!
yeah.. this is tasty~!
and this is vegetarian food.
It is a "must try"!
when you see his expression,
you will know how tasty it is.
haha :P

This fruit,
I don't know what is the name of it,
It is small, shape like mango but not mango.
It is sweet...~

This is really a nice trip.
Although there are so far away from Bangkok city area.
We took a taxi, is more than an hour to reach there.

All of us fell asleep along the journey to this floating market.
I slept in mom's arms. :P
I feel very safety and warm when i slept in mom's arms.
^_^ I really can feel mom's love and care for me.
and.....  i am so touching...!


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