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♥ Places in Sungai Petani ♥

I living in Sungai Petani, Kedah.
Sungai Petani is in Kuala Muda Yan of Kedah state,
take about one hour from Penang international airport or 

about 3 hours from Thailand boundary.

You can see very beautiful padi field (rice field) 
when you are on the way to Kedah from Penang.

Kedah is “ Rice bowl of Malaysia ”, 
Kedah is the largest rice producer in Malaysia and supports other 
agricultural products and agro-based industries.

This is some info about Sungai Petani,Kedah :
click here for MAP of Sungai Petani, Kedah.

♥ Places near to Sungai Petani 

♥ Padi field (rice field), in Sungai Petani or Butterworth.
Go close to Padi Field ( rice field ) , to see how it really looks like, and we can really touch the paddy in the paddy field. There are very beautiful specially in the early morning and evening. You could see many colourful dragonfly, birds, monkeys, lizard and many others if you are enough lucky. 

♥ Sungai(River) Merbok
Sungai Merbok was once an important thoroughfare for traders stopping over at the Lembah Bujang (Bujang Valley) trading port during the latter's golden era from the 5th until 13th centuries. In Fact, traders from China, India and the Middle East that had converged the Lembah Bujang port knew Kedah then as Golden Peninsula.
Sungai Merbok has truly left behind many exciting historical footprint that should be explored and researched to unearth its glorious heydays. Along the Sungai Merbok, the mangrove forest from a special attraction where 30 difference species species of mangrove vegetation exclusive found here. The 4,114-hectare forest is one of largest mangrove forest reserves in Malaysia. There are also 80 difference species of rare birds as well as fireflies that could be found along its river banks.

♥ Mangrove  Forest Sungai(River) Merbok
These are the most extensive and best mangroves on mainland Kedah and comprise 4,037 ha. of mangroves and about 1,000 ha of waterway. The areas were gazetted as forest reserve in 1951. 

♥ Lembah Bujang Archaeological Area
Lembah Buiang, lying between Gunung Jerai in the north and Sungai Muda in the south, is regarded as Malaysia's richest archaeological area.
The Bujang Valley Archaeological Museum in Pengkalan Bujang, Merbok houses numerous artificial stone caskets, gem stones, beads, etc. Fifty (50) candis or temples were found along Sungai Bujang and to date eight (8) of them have been restored to their original form using the same original materials, visitors interested in history and archaeology should not miss out on this area in Kedah.

♥ Lembah Bujang Small Waterfall 
There are also a waterfalls at the Lembah Bujang archaeological area.
Not a big waterfall but is quite nice place with some special insects and botanicals.

♥ Pantai Merdeka
Pantai Merdeka is the beach near to Sungai Petani. Honestly, it is not clean and nice beach. But, the way to Pantai Merdeka is a quite big malay village and also many padi fields. You can see many traditional malay village and also very local malay village lifestyle.

♥  Gunung Jerai 
Formerly known as " KEDAH PEAK", this forest-clad Gunung Jerai is a massive limestone outcrop that rises 1200m above sea level. There also offers a unique selection of plants, which make it even more intriguing for the botanist. The Sungai Teroi Forest Recreation Park houses an endless variety of herbs, ferns, flowering plants, and climbers. Picnic sites are scattered all over the park, offering sweeping views of lowland plains and padi fields. As the highest peak in the state, it adds a touch of variety to the scenic flat plains seen throughout the area. It's located near Sungai Petani, not far from the island of Penang.

♥  Tree Top Walk(KULIM) 
The Tree Top Walk Sg.Sedim is located in the heart of Gunung Inas Forest Reserve, about 30kms from Kulim Town.
During the walk amid the tree tops, lucky visitors may get to see varioud species of colourful small birds while enjoying the sounds of gushing rapids and jungle creatures. Other activities at the park include jungle trekking as there are a few jungle trails suitable for trekking. Activities offered here:Educational Jungle Walk, Jungle Trekking, Night Walk, Flying Fox, Abseiling, River Crossing, Summer Camp, Family Day, Motivational Camp, Teambuilding, Management Games, Jungle Survival, Paintball, Trust Fall, Treasure Hunt.
My post about Tree Top Walk:


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