Friday, March 11, 2011


I LOVE green tea flavors indeed!!!!!
This is the Green Tea Ice Cream i make today!
Yummy, tonight's dessert : MY GREEN TEA ICE CREAM!!!

If you would like to try making this very delicious ice cream,
Here is the Recipe for Green tea ice cream:

3 egg yolks
60g caster sugar

3 tbsp green tea powder
120g fresh milk

250g non dairy whipping cream


1. Beat egg yolk with caster sugar.
2. Add in B and mix well.
3. Double boil on low heat until mixture is thickened.
4. Strain and leave to cool.
5. Whisk non dairy whipping cream until stiff.
6. Add in the green tea mixture.
7. Pour mixture into a prepared container and put into the freezer for overnight.

♥ ( i always will add more green tea powder.)
♥ ( try the mixture before put into the freezer, if not enough taste of green tea, take a little bit whipping cream mix with more green tea powder and mix into the mixture.)

Because I don't have an ice cream machine ,
i used to take it out every 1 hour, to mix again...
Continue for at less 3 times, to get smoother ice cream.




  1. It's is light effect?
    Coz I see the ice cream is brown color... (;^_^A)