Friday, September 10, 2010

TM net Streamyx MALAYSIA

Since 15 august 2010 until now, my streamyx internet line have problem. No matter how many times I have call to streamyx customer service center, nobody solve my internet line problem.

Always ask me to wait, and they said nothing I can do, what I can do is wait. What they did is call my mobile phone almost every day to repeat asking the same question to me. But, I already answered the question, and the next day I will receive again the call from TM customer service and repeat again the same question. When I ask them why call me every day but never send anyone to repair and solve my problem? The customer staff asks me is that I mean I don’t want the customer service to call me anymore? And what I said to him, he not replies but keep asking me what I mean is don’t want TM net call me again? He tries to frighten me with very terrible manner of speaking. And hang up the phone!

Even I try to write email to the TM net Malaysia customer service (, but nobody reply my email. I send three emails to TM net Malaysia customer service, still nobody reply my email until this moment!

This is the worse Internet Service and the worse Customer service I ever meet!!!!!!!!!!!!


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