Saturday, April 10, 2010


Lace and Floral print Skirt



I love lace and floral print fabrics since i was a little girl,
it make me feel so great and seems like in a dreamland.

I don't have any extra money for buy dresses and other fashion stuffs when i was a teenager, but i dreaming to have some dresses or skirts, i tried to draw down the dresses inside my brain in my book, and tried to make it with some disuse rags, but it is not for myself, it just can fit my Barbie Doll.

Although i cannot wear it, but i still feel very satisfied.

One day, I found a light blue fabric from a big plastic bag that full filled with disuse rags, i have quite a lots of disuse rags from my aunt, she was a tailor. I made a skirt for myself with that light blue fabric. It was my first skirt that made by myself.

I start made some clothes for myself after this very wonderful experience.
I really enjoy and feel so great when i am wearing the clothes or using the stuffs that made by myself. Maybe it is not the most beautiful or perfect, but it is meaningful for me and i am sure it is the unique in the world!


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