Sunday, October 26, 2008

i am in thailand now~~~

now i am in thailand ~

now is 12.10am Thailand time~!
is more slow then Malaysia and China ~~~~~~

i am alone now~~~
my friend very tired and go back to hotel room already~~heihei~~~
i still online at the hotel loby ~~~
it is very nice and beautiful place for online~! ~~hahahha

very nice hotel ~!i like here very much~!
simple and nice design~~~

but, the pc cannot read chinese~!
all in thailand's language~!!!!!!!!!
all i cannot understand !!!!!!!!!

so,what can i do?
is just write a simple diary for today~~~~~

i will write another one when i arrive in Malaysia tomorrow night!!!!!
good night every one~~
i think i need to go back to my room now~~~~~
i am alone here~~ a bit dangerous~!!!!!!


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